3 things you should know about social media defamation

3 things you should know about social media defamation

May 5, 2018

Whilst most people have heard of defamation, it was usually something that the newspapers were guilty of, but in this day and age with the rise of social media it is becoming a lot more common.

Lawyers on the Gold Coast and across the globe are seeing more and more on-line defamation cases, but what does it actually mean?

The basic idea of defamation is that someone says something untruthful to intentionally to harm your reputation or make others think less of you as a result.

3 things you might not know about social media defamation;

  1. Social media defamation can come in the form of print, verbal and/or images. Whether it’s a podcast, an image or a post on-line, these can all be considered defamatory.
  2. You can be liable for defamation even if you share or pass along an existing post.
  3. Proving that your post was TRUE is a perfectly good defence for defamation.

If you are ever accused of a defamatory post, we recommend you remove the post and apologise to the person in question. In most cases this will be enough to prevent them from taking legal action.

In the case that you are accused of defamation, or you feel someone has defamed you, call Radich Lawyers on the Gold Coast, we can assist you with our expert legal services.