5 things not to do during a divorce

5 things not to do during a divorce

May 15, 2018

Divorces are not always pleasant, but if dealt with a fair and dignified manner it can make the process a lot smoother which can save a lot of money in legal fees in the long run.

Regardless of the reasons for divorce, in the case of a messy divorce there are no winners. To try and keep your divorce on track we have a list of five things that we recommend you don’t do during your divorce.

  1. The first rule of divorce if you have children is to never use them as leverage. Not only is this harmful to your children, but it won’t win you any points with the courts either. The courts will ensure that any children involved are not to be used as pawns.
  2. When dealing with your soon to be ex husband or wife, always take a moment before responding to any emails or text messages you might receive from them. Responding in anger or emotionally can be to your detriment. The last thing you want is an ugly message made public portraying you in a bad light.
  3. Do not lie to your lawyer. To do our job properly we need all the information. By not giving us every detail, it allows the other side the chance to ambush your case. Always give your lawyer all the information hey need to do their job, no matter how embarrassing or trivial it may be to you.
  4. Do not let friends and family involve themselves too heavily in your affairs. Whilst they might only want the best for you, friends and family can sometimes be overbearing and project their opinion on matters they don’t have all the information on. Whilst their divorce might have given them a house, the beach house and a big cash pay-out, that doesn’t mean you can expect the same. Every divorce is different, so listen to your lawyer and don’t go by hearsay.
  5. Never think that hand gestures, huffing and puffing and disagreeing with the comments that are made will make them any less creditable, if anything it will make you less creditable. Judges like to hear both sides of the story to make their own decisions and do not appreciate inappropriate conduct in the court room.

Talk to the experts at Radich Lawyers on the Gold Coast, we will guide you through your divorce, so you can come out of the other side composed, happy and ready to move forward with your life.