Do you Have a Dispute that Requires a Lawyer?

Any type of dispute can be unpleasant at best and at worst escalate into a complete breakdown of communication and without communication, it is impossible to resolve a dispute.


A dispute can quickly take its toll emotionally especially when you’re not sure where you stand from a legal perspective and you can’t see a simple solution. The best way to reach a dispute resolution is to approach the situation with the idea of negotiation rather than taking the case to a court with civil litigation. A trained experienced mediator can usually help both parties agree on an outcome.

In cases where a dispute resolution cannot be reached with mediation, you can trust my expertise as a professional lawyer with over 30 years’ experience to guide you through the complexities of the law and if necessary, represent you in a court room dispute.

The areas of dispute law I can help you with include:

Corporate Law

I can help you through any issues around insolvency and disputes within a company.

Property Law

My special area of expertise is in building and construction law. I can also help with disputes over the distribution of a property in matrimony law cases.

Will & Estate Law

From new Wills to changing an existing Will, it’s important that it is done right. The last thing you want is to have your Will contested after you’re gone and your wishes denied.

Dispute Law

Any area of civil law where two individuals disagree, such as the right to sue for compensation, breach of contract matters, negligence, and defamation disputes.

Call me for peace of mind

As a lawyer, my success has come from the personal attention I give each client, taking the time to really listen and understand what my clients want to achieve. Once I understand your case fully, I can offer you clear and forthright advice.

I work from my home office on the Gold Coast with no staff and few overheads, which means I can offer the best value lawyer service for my level of expertise and experience. Call me and I’ll beat any competitor’s solicitor quote by 10%.