Lawyer and Mediation Services Gold Coast

As a professional lawyer, I am qualified to act on behalf of clients in a court dispute, however not all cases need progress as far as a court room to decide on the outcome. My goal with all my clients is to first explore alternative solutions to the conflict and only use a court room as a last resort.


One method that can be effective is mediation. This is where my experience and expertise can make a difference. There is an art to successful mediation, this is because the outcome is typically a compromise rather than a win/lose outcome that would come from a court room settlement. My role as a mediator is to go back and forth between both parties involved in a dispute and find an outcome that both parties are willing to agree to.

In any civil litigation case where communication has become heated or has broken down, it’s well worth considering mediation. A successful outcome via mediation will cost far less than going through the court system and it will generally result in a faster resolution than having to fit in with court schedules. Mediation also requires less procedural rules and protocol than a court and tends to be more flexible giving both parties some control over the outcome.

While not all civil litigation cases can be resolved with mediation, it’s worth considering if possible. As a respected negotiator, I’ve been very successful in using mediation to avoid litigation.

Accredited Mediator and Lawyer Nicholas Radich

Professional mediation is always done in mutual premises, supervised, and controlled by your acting mediator. At the start of a mediation session simple rules are usually set out to help produce a resolution.

For most people, having to engage the services of a lawyer is costly and stressful enough even without the prospect of going to court.

Taking a proactive approach such as mediation can save not only money and time but stress. Call me for a brief discussion about your situation and you’ll get immediate advice from a knowledgeable lawyer with over 30 years’ experience providing legal services on the Gold Coast.