Do you Need a Gold Coast Property Law Lawyer?

The law governing the area of real estate ownership and tenancy is called Property Law.

Property issues involving division of assets following a separation need to be done according to the Family Law Act. Although this may be done informally, if it is not done correctly, your former partner may be able to pursue the matter at a later stage.


Property disputes can become complex and lengthy and even small mistakes can be very costly. As a lawyer specialising in building and construction law, I have worked with clients to guide them through successful outcomes over property disputes with builders, property developers and even insurance companies.

I have conducted cases to the highest level of the court system and have been able to achieve substantial wins for my clients. Although I will do everything tactically practicable to resolve any dispute by negotiation, if litigation is inevitable, the representation you’ll get from me will be tenacious and decisive.

If funding a legal case is a problem but you have a strong case, talk to me and I’ll see if I can work something out that will work for both of us. I’ll always try and find a solution for strong cases where my clients are unable to pay costs upfront.

Make Nicholas Radich your First Point of Contact for a Lawyer

When you phone me, you’ll find me to be friendly, professional, and easy to talk to. I will listen to your situation and give you straight forward advice about what your next move should be. As a respected negotiator, I always try and reach an out of court resolution to avoid litigation if and where possible.

I do not do any conveyancing or representation in the area of criminal law. My special area of expertise is in building and construction law. As an experienced lawyer, I can offer you the best and most cost-effective legal advice on the Gold Coast. A quick non-committal conversation with me will immediately ease your mind by letting you know where you stand from a legal perspective.