Why you should use a Will & Estate Lawyer

The only way to make sure that the distribution of your estate is carried out in accordance with your wishes, is to use the services of a professional lawyer with experience in drafting Wills and Estates.


One thing is certain in life, circumstances will change. Having an up-to-date legally binding Will & Estate can give you peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen to you, your affairs are in order as per your wishes.

You should consider making or updating your Will whenever your life circumstances change in a major way such as if you get married or divorced, separate from your partner or spouse, become involved in a de-facto relationship, have children or grandchildren. You should also consider updating your Will after the death of a spouse, child or anyone named as a beneficiary on your current Will & Estate. Another reason to consider updating your Will is when your financial circumstances change in a major way.

Of course, you can update your Will at any time simply because you wish to add a beneficiary or make a change to existing named beneficiaries.

Even if you don’t believe you have much to leave it is still worthwhile making a Will with a lawyer. Your estate may be entitled to insurance payouts or compensation payouts and there may still be debts to settle from any assets you do have. A properly structured legal Will can help prevent the likelihood of a dispute over your estate once you have gone. I can help you make a will or update your existing Will. You need to be over 18 years of age to make a Will.

There are many things to consider when preparing a Will & Estate; blended families, SMSF, interfamily loans, company structures, life estates, and special provisions.

Professional Will & Estate Lawyer Gold Coast

These days, with diverse family structures, it can be confusing to know exactly who you have a legal obligation to provide for. I’ll be happy to have a brief no-obligation chat with you about how I can help you with your will & estate. Just give me a call anytime Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm.