Tips on dealing with internal company disputes

September 15, 2018

Conflict in the workplace can be uncomfortable and disruptive. It makes sense to put in place policies and procedures to deal with internal discord before it happens.

Large corporations tend to be more likely to put policies and procedures in place to avoid any legal issues later on down the line.

At Radich Lawyers on the Gold Coast we believe that prevention is better than cure, so we’ve complied some tips for dealing with internal company disputes.

  1. Try and understand the problem. Talk to all the parties involved, try and find out if there is an underlying issue that is causing the conflict. Many people lash out on emotion, so rationally talking through the problem and trying to find out what went awry is the first step.
  2. If you are not equipped to deal with the situation find someone who is. This might be another person in the organisation or an external third party.
  3. Do not assume you know the issue until you know all the facts
  4. A lot of conflict in a company can come from a much deeper source, try and find out if there are any underlying issues that has lead to the internal discord. Has there been any change? Are people feeling threatened? Is there any jealousy?
  5. Organisations are made up of many different people. Whilst you want everyone to get along, sometimes different people have different personalities and they may be great at their jobs, but they don’t have great people skills. By training staff on the codes of conduct you can set the standard.
  6. Communication is key. By communicating with staff and providing regular feedback you can hold them accountable for their actions, both good and bad.
  7. Celebrate the good! If employees are only recognised for when being reprimanded it can lower morale.
  8. Establish your team culture. Set the tone and only hire people that are happy with the ethos.


Legal services – Know where you stand

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