Why Nicholas Radich should be your lawyer

I specialise in civil litigation. This involves legal disputes, unrelated to criminal liability, that fall under the common-law system. When a case is brought before a court, the judge oversees the matter and after hearing the evidence in relation to the case, then decides on the outcome of the dispute.


I have been a Gold Coast lawyer for 30 years; that’s a lot of years of experience and knowledge. I’m not some “wet behind the ears” beginner, learning on the job.

I have an established reputation for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. In negotiations, I am creative and practical; in court, assertive and professional. All with the aim of achieving what you want, as quickly and cheaply as possible.

A common complaint about lawyers is that you end up dealing with lots of different people. I don’t operate that way. Once I agree to act for you, I handle all aspects of your matter. You will not be passed off to junior solicitors or paralegals.

I may not be the cheapest lawyer, but I am confident that I am the cheapest lawyer with my experience and expertise. My costs reflect the time, skill and care I invest in you, my client.

How much does a lawyer cost

A lawyer’s fees are generally based on how long is spent on the matter. That’s why you need someone who “cuts to the chase” and doesn’t waste time doing what is unnecessary. At our first discussion, once I understand what is involved, we can discuss costs, and then I will follow that up with a detailed written estimate. How a court case progresses depends on the matter involved and how the other side approaches the dispute so I will review the estimate as more information is available and the case progresses.

I conduct business from my home which means I don’t have the usual overheads of running an office and employing staff. I will beat any quote from another solicitor by 10%.

What to do next when you need a lawyer

Simply call or email me. It costs you nothing to contact me. I will assess your situation and give frank advice.