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We at Radich Lawyer on the Gold Coast understand you might need to dispute an estate. The Succession Act of 1981 is a Queensland law that allows an eligible person to challenge a will in court.

Even if you or someone else has a legal will, certain circumstances will allow a family member or other eligible member to challenge that will. If you want to decrease the possibility of such a challenge, ensure you have a qualified legal professional work on the will.

To be eligible to dispute a will, the individual must be:
  • A spouse (married or de-facto)
  • Children of any age, including stepchildren
  • Dependents (children & parents)
  • An ex-spouse
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Contesting a will

Will contestation usually happens when a person believes they didn’t get as much out of the estate as they should have gotten. Before contesting a will, you should consult a lawyer to see if you have a case and what their advice is about moving forward.

During times of extreme grief and tense emotions, this is often the time when misunderstandings and disputes arise. A family member may not believe their share of the property was distributed fairly, which could cause a lengthy and painful legal process.

Without the help of a neutral third-party, it can be near impossible for friends and family members to come to a resolution over property and money issues. If you work with a professional lawyer like Radich Lawyer, you have the opportunity to resolve the conflict out of court. While it is not always possible to resolve the issues out of court, there is an excellent chance when you have a professional helping you through the process.

Radich Lawyer can help

Nicholas Radich has a calm and friendly manner about him and can help you when you’re dealing with an estate dispute. These situations are delicate, and if not dealt with properly, a matter that could be resolved might end up going to court.

When you work with Nicholas Radich, he will listen to you thoroughly as you tell him about what you deserve and why you deserve it. After listening to your case, Mr. Radich will give you his legal and unbiased professional option regarding your rights to the will. He explains whether you have a strong or weak case and if the matter is worth pursuing further.

Radich Lawyer is a practicing lawyer on the Gold Coast with 30 years of experience with estate law. He is committed to helping you with your case involving a will or estate.
If you need help with making a will, estate law dispute, estate litigation or contesting a will, Radich Lawyer can help you through the process.

If you or someone you know dies without a will, their estate is distributed according to the Succession Act. It means you may not have a say in how your assets are split after your passing.

If you don’t have a will, make sure to contact Radich Lawyer for help with the matter today.

Creating a legally sound will

If you want to make sure your will is legally sound, you need to make sure a professional lawyer with experience takes care of the problem for you. If you die “intestate,” which means legally having no will at the time of death, your assets are split with little consideration for your wishes.

You can make a will at the age of 18 but not before then. If you’re ready to get help with your legal will so you can rest easy knowing your future is taken care of, contact Nicholas Radich today to get the help you need.

If you’re worried about the cost of working with Radich Lawyer, Nicholas Radich understands that you might be working with a tight budget. Since he does not have expensive overhead from staff or an office, his rates are very competitive.