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Radich Lawyer on the Gold Coast has over 30 years of experience practising law. I am a litigation lawyer that also advises and documents commercial contracts. Whether you need help with property law, estate dispute law, liquidation law or another issue, I am the right person to contact for the best results.

Not only will I provide you with a high-quality service through my education and knowledge of the law, but my 30 years of experience will serve your case as well.

I have tried cases of every nature and can ensure your case is presented in the most professional way possible to get the best results.

Understandably, complex laws can be confusing and trip up even the most legally savvy individual. When you need a lawyer that has expertise and experience on their side, Nicholas Radich is the perfect lawyer for the job.
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Hear it from just a couple of our clients below.

“All my experiences with Nick have been fantastic. Nick's guidance and advice has always served me well. Service is always prompt and efficient. Couldn't recommend Nick more highly.” – Richard Kukas

“My family has been obtaining legal advice from Nick Radich for around 10 years. We have found Nick to be efficient, reliable, easy to work with and competitive with the pricing of his services. I have recommended Nick to all my friends, family and business associates.” – John Bunting

When you require a lawyer in the Gold Coast area, Radich Lawyer can help you in the following areas.
  • Corporate law
  • Property law
  • Wills & estate law
  • Mediation
  • Dispute law
  • Liquidation law
  • Estate dispute law
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Corporate Law

If you need help with internal disputes and other issues that fall under corporate law, Radich Lawyer can help with their in-depth understanding of Australian corporate law.
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Property Law & Estate Dispute Law

When disputes over real estate take place, lawyers are often needed to come to a resolution. Radich Lawyer can help you with building contracts, property settlement and more.
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Wills & Estate Law

Let us help you create a legally binding will to ensure your final wishes are followed without contest.


Mediation can be much more cost-effective than going to court. We can be the go-between to help resolve the issue without a court case.
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Dispute Law

If your dispute is too challenging to resolve on your own, we can help you with dispute law and help both parties come to a resolution.
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Liquidation Law

Liquidation of a company can be a long and stressful ordeal. With my 30 years of experience, I can make sure you get through the liquidation process as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Last Will and Testament Document — Radich Lawyer in Mermaid Waters, QLD
If you’re worried that your estate won’t be distributed according to your wishes, you need a formal will. Use our legal help to draft wills and estates so you can be sure that everything goes as planned, even when you’re not here anymore.
Man Holding a Gavel and a Miniature House — Radich Lawyer in Mermaid Waters, QLD
Property law is the law governing the area of real estate ownership and tenancy. If you’re dealing with issues involving the division of assets following a separation, you’ll need to make sure it ... Read more
Business Deal — Radich Lawyer in Mermaid Waters, QLD
Corporate law can involve many types of business-related issues. Corporate law is complex, and if you’re going to court and getting nowhere, you may need the help of an experienced lawyer that ... Read more
Law Books and Gavel — Radich Lawyer in Mermaid Waters, QLD
When you’re up against legal issues, but you aren't ready to contact a lawyer, we still have information on our site that can help you. Visit our blog, and you’ll see that you can find blog posts on many common scenarios around civil law. Take some time to review the different posts we have and make sure to check back as we regularly update our content.

We use our 30 years of experience to share information on our blog. Our blog posts can help you understand the topics and help you make simple decisions that will help you progress with your challenges. If you need further help that isn’t covered on our blog or you have specific questions, make sure to give us a call at Radich Lawyer, and we can help you through your legal issues.