Mediation On the Gold Coast


Your mediation experts

Nicholas Radich of Radich Lawyer on the Gold Coast is a professional lawyer. He is qualified to act on behalf of clients in case of a legal dispute.

Not every case needs to progress to the courtroom, and that is where meditation can come in to make things easier. Use of the courtroom should only be a last resort when neither party are willing to move on their position in the case.
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Advantages of mediation

Mediation has proven to be an effective method of getting challenges resolved and coming to solutions that satisfy both parties. Having an experienced professional to work with you on your case can mean the difference between a successful mediation and a need for the courtroom.

Nicholas Radich has over 30 years of experience working with clients on the Gold Coast. Radich Lawyer is a well-respected name in the profession and understands how to get results through mediation. Mediation isn’t only an art, but mediation is also a skill.

When mediation is done properly, it isn’t a win/lose situation like it is in the courtroom. Mediation leaves both parties feeling like they experienced a win. Radich Lawyer acts as a mediator going back and forth between each side involved in the dispute to find an outcome that both parties find satisfactory.

Mediation is worth trying

Not every civil litigation case is going to be resolved through mediation. But it is still worth exploring to save time, money and to protect emotional and mental health.

If communication between parties in your case has broken down or become heated, you’ll be able to benefit from our mediation services. Cases that are resolvable through mediation cost less money, involve less time and provide mutually beneficial solutions for the involved parties.

There are fewer procedural rules and protocol in mediation, compared to a court case. It means that you have more flexibility about how the process is handled.
If you take the case to court, you’ll be at their mercy, and they may give a ruling that neither party appreciates. Mediation makes sense when both parties want to come to a solution amicably.

Even when both parties want to come to a resolution, and there isn’t any severe conflict happening, having someone to be the go-between can make the process easier. Mediation can help you avoid unwanted negative feelings towards family, friends or business partners.

Mediation with Radich Lawyer

When you go through professional mediation with Nicholas Radich, you’ll meet in mutual premises, and the meeting will be supervised and controlled by your mediator. Before the mediation starts, the mediator will communicate the simple rules to help move the resolution forward.

When you work with Radich Lawyer, you know you’re working with a professional that knows multiple facets of the law. Since he knows multiple facets of the law, he can help you with your mediation even if it is for a variety of reasons. You want to trust someone that has experience in the area where you’re experiencing conflict and that professional lawyer is Nicholas Radich.
Going to court usually isn’t something most people have the money to do when they are trying to resolve a conflict. If you want to avoid the conflict and expenses of a court case, mediation is worth pursuing.

When you want to save money but still work with a professional mediator that can get results, Nicholas Radich should be the first person you contact. Nicholas Radich will use his 30 years of experience to help you get the resolution you want out of your case. Give him a call today to get started.