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Nicholas Radich — Radich Lawyer in Mermaid Waters, QLD

Why Nicholas Radich should be your lawyer

At Radich Lawyer on the Gold Coast, we understand you have options when it comes to your lawyer. While there are other options out there, we would love to earn your business and below are some of the reasons you should choose Nicholas Radich as your lawyer.

We understand that you might be experiencing some feelings of vulnerability while you are going through legal issues. When you work with Nicholas Radich, you can be sure that he understands what you are going through emotionally as much as he understands the laws that govern the Gold Coast.

Civil litigation

Nicholas specialises in civil litigation which involves legal disputes, unrelated to criminal liability, that fall under the common-law system. When your case is brought before the court, the judge oversees the case and decides on an outcome after hearing the evidence.

Nicholas Radich has been a lawyer on the Gold Coast for 30 years which means he has a great deal of knowledge and experience. You can be sure that Radich Lawyer is not experimenting on your case and that you’ll get the best legal services when you work with Radich Lawyer.


If you’re worried about your budget, you should be glad to hear that Radich Lawyer has a reputation of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. When he is working with you in negotiations, he is creative and practical. If your case makes it to the courtroom, he is assertive yet professional. Nicholas Radich understands how to get results for his clients through his negotiation and courtroom skills which makes him a highly sought-after lawyer.

You may have worked with a lawyer in the past and didn’t see them much throughout the case. Many clients complain that they hire a lawyer to work their case and end up dealing with a lot of other people. When you work with Radich Lawyer, you can rest assured that Nicholas Radich handles all aspects of your case when he commits to take it on. You won’t find your case in the hands of junior solicitors or paralegals.
Nicholas Radich is confident that while he might not be the lowest cost lawyer, he is the most economical lawyer with his level of expertise and experience. The cost he charges his clients reflects the skills, time and care he invests in the case and client.

Choosing the right attorney for your case is a fundamental matter. We at Radich Lawyer take your case very seriously and understand it means a great deal to you to get a favourable ruling for your case. While we cannot guarantee your success in winning your court case, we can assure you that Nicholas Radich will do everything within his power to get you the results you want.
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Attention to detail

When you’re looking at your case and trying to decide whether you want to put out money to hire a lawyer, you may not be sure if it is worth it to work with a lawyer. Having an experienced lawyer on your side like Radich Lawyer can mean the difference between doing everything possible to get the best results out of your case and missing an essential part of the case.

Nicholas Radich can help you get the best results for your case because of his experience, expertise and the care he takes for each case he takes on for his clients. When you want to work with the best of the best, call Nicholas Radich at Radich Lawyer.

How much do lawyers charge?

When you’re considering bringing Nicholas Radich on for your case, you may be wondering how much it costs to hire his services. The general rule is that the fees a lawyer charges are in direct relation to how much time is spent on the case. Since costs grow as time spent increases, you want to work with someone like Nicholas Radich, who gets right to the point and doesn’t waste time.

After you meet with Nicholas Radich, he gets an understanding of your case, and then you can discuss the costs of your case. Once that is finished, he gives you a complete written estimate so you can see a breakdown of the fees.

Radich Lawyer operates out of his residence, which means lower overhead cost and Radich Lawyer can beat any quote from another solicitor by ten per cent.